How To Handle Difficult Behavior – And It May Be Your Own!

difficult behavior

Almost every family, every organization, has them – people whose behavior impacts on individuals and can ruin relationships.

Maybe there are people in your home or workplace with behaviors that upset you but who you simply don’t have the confidence to challenge, even though you would like to!

Or maybe you will recognize yourself in this volume and start to realize how YOU drive other people crazy at work or at home.

I have difficulty tackling others. What if they become aggressive with me?
What if I become a target of bullying, which adds to my stress?
I hate confrontation and I don’t want to rock the boat!
My peers aren’t the problem – it’s my boss! How do I deal with him?

There are many behaviors that ruin relationships – obsessive, suspicious, and anxious behaviors. Speaking impulsively, spending foolishly, acting disrespectfully, being controlling, are examples of behaviors that are relationship wreckers.

Then you have those who blame others, hold grudges, and cannot shift an ugly mood. And others who are weighed down with emotional wounds and want to forgive but feel the injustice so much, they cannot move on.

Are you overwhelmed by people with difficult behavior? The fact is, the longer you put off dealing with difficult behaviors, the bigger the problem can become. A small irritation can turn into an adrenalin filled anxiety disorder crisis. In this book Karen Gosling gives you some tools and effective techniques to challenge difficult behaviors with confidence in any situation.

How To Handle Difficult Behavior brings power – power to behave differently once you have an increased awareness about WHY this behaviour occurs in the first place. With awareness of why you or others behave the way that you do, comes the power of doing things differently.

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Karen Gosling is an expert marriage, relationship, trauma, and adult ADHD coach. She has more than 30 years of coaching, speaking, and training experience helping individuals, couples, children, families, managers, and employees build trusting relationships and survive their life dramas. Karen graduated with a degree in Social Work and Master of Public Health from Adelaide University, South Australia. Her other books include, Surviving Life Dramas. How To Stop Whining And Start Living, Emotion Matters. How To Reduce Your Stress and Achieve WellnessEmotional Leadership and Enjoy A Life of EASE!

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