karen gosling

karen gosling

Hello, my name is Karen Gosling. I’ve been a counsellor and social worker for more than 35 years. My purpose is to touch people’s lives when they’re needing some emotional support and compassion, to love my family, and urge them to also serve others.

My mission is to help you find the answer to you or your family member who is dealing with ADD/ADHD symptoms and a diagnosis. I want to give you the clarity, courage, mental wellness strategies and tools you need to feel confident, complete, and hopeful for the future and start living with passion and focus with your ADHD difference.

I’m a pioneer in the field of ADHD relationship counselling. Through understanding the ADHD brain you can discover the secrets to being in control of your emotions and instantly restore peace and calm in your life and relationships. 

I specialise in Marriage and ADHD/ASD counseling and have an innate ability to identify with and assist clients in emotional distress. You can have no doubt that once you have met and engaged with me, I will use all my 35 years of experience in dealing with people in human support services as a counsellor and mental health social worker to facilitate a change for the better.

I’m an accomplished author of five books and 26 video DVDs. These are available for purchase on this website.

I graduated with a BA (Social Work) from the University of South Australia and a Master of Public Health from The University of Adelaide, South Australia. I am a member of the Australian Association of Social Workers. From 1998-2000 I was a valued part-time lecturer in medical social work at the National University of Singapore (NUS).

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Working With Psychiatrists

I have worked closely with Psychiatrists and General Practitioners to get correct and prompt treatment for clients struggling with ADHD symptoms, marital or relationship issues, and help for their family members. 

Psychiatrists have valued the contact with me as a professional counsellor because they recognise the benefits of relationships and counselling for people with ADHD or ASD.

Dr. Edward M. “Ned” Hallowell is an American child and adult psychiatrist who specialises in ADD and ADHD. He is the co-author of the books Driven To Distraction and Delivered From Distraction.

Dr. Ashar Khan has been in Private Practice at the Gold Coast for 12 years. He provides integrated Specialist Psychiatry, Neuropsychology and Psychology services with a focus on the individual, their partners, carers and family.

testimonial karen gosling

Client names withheld for privacy reasons…

11/09/2020: “I can’t thank you enough for the program and the modules. I’ve learned so much about myself and about relationships. I now understand her (separated wife) so much better and long for the chance to be a better husband and dad. But even if we never get back together, I can still be a better person, and treat her and the children appropriately so that I can continue to be in relationship with them. I never knew this stuff before – you just act the way you saw your parents act. And they didn’t know any better. But I know better, because I now have this knowledge and understanding. I had to go through this crisis in order to find you and this program.

— Verbal comments from male Fast Fix Marriage Formula client, during phone session.

18/02/2021 — This course has been of immense value to me. I have a so much better understanding of how my behaviours can affect my spouse and vice versa. With this knowledge I now have a way forwards to a better relationship. I only wish that I had been taught this while at High School – it would have saved me a lot of future grief as a young adult. This has been by far the most beneficial course that I have undertaken and I cannot recommend it highly enough to others.”

27/08/2022: “It was great to talk to you on Sunday, and I have been reflecting on a lot of what you said. I’ve started reading the ADD chapters (How To Handle Difficult Behaviour – And it may be your own), and it is so refreshing to see the positive aspects discussed along with the negative. There is so much there that I can relate to. I would definitely appreciate your help again, I will be looking to putting some of the recommendations in place at work to help me structure my work days.”

— From a single mum in her 40’s, recently diagnosed with ADHD.

“Karen, You have given us great value, thank you. In fact, I already got value from you in our phone call yesterday, so I didn’t have an issue paying the $497 to come to a session with you today. I see a lot of clients and consultants who don’t know anything even though they put themselves out there as the experts. But you know stuff.”

27/08/2022: “This is the best experience I’ve ever had. (Pause). In counselling, I mean!”

— From an ADHD husband (aged 59) who has had marriage counselling previously with his wife, however same old behaviours continue. 

25/07/2023: Aaron: “We are getting stuck into the online lessons.”

“Hi Karen, I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for the wonderful work you are doing with myself and Maddie. I’m just blown away by how much opportunity you have given us both to grow. We are both currently getting stuck into the online lessons, so the changes take shape in real life. I’m so relieved that bad feelings are just adrenaline. That clicked for me on my flight home from Alice-I have a slight fear of flying.” 😮‍💨☺️

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