Addiction — Do You Need Help?


Get out of the addiction cycle and start to feel good again.

Addiction of all types is a highly complex problem that affects the physical, emotional, behavioral and mental health of individuals and also their families and social environments.

There are many areas of life where a person may experience problems with addiction.

To generalize, it is easiest to call an addictive substance or behavior an Addictive Agent (AA).

Some of the agents of addiction include: Alcohol, illegal substance (drugs), legal substances (glue, cough mixture), shopping, exercise, overeating, under eating, work, pornography, sex, gambling, World of Warcraft or any type of computer game, surfing the net or chatting on social networking sites.

Even games like Solitaire can become addictive. Do you know you can even become addicted to flirting and to dancing, or to having affairs?

The key to Handling Addiction is to break the repetitive pattern by consciously doing something different when you feel really bad, and find new coping strategies to get yourself feeling good again.

We can help with the most common forms of addiction.